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How To Tell If You Need A New Toilet

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Topic: How To Tell If You Need A New Toilet
Posted By: Mississauga Plumber
Subject: How To Tell If You Need A New Toilet
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2014 at 1:19pm
 When do you think is the right time to change your old toilet to a new toilet?  You definitely do not need to spend a lot of money for minor toilet problems that can easily be repaired. The main catch here is to know when to repair your toilets and when it is time to call Mississauga plumber services for a new toilet replacements Here are some guidelines from our professional team of plumbers to help you determine how to tell if you need a new toilet.

Toilet Needs Too Many Repairs Too Often

Repairing a toilet may include several items to look for like checking the fill valve, the handle, the chain, supply hose, toilet seat, tank to bowl seal, toilet gasket and the flapper. If any of these were to be replaced, it may require hiring a local licensed plumber to fix, plus the expense of any parts necessary. Weighing the total costs will be the right thing to do especially when there may be other home needs that require repair besides an old toilet. If this will be the case, it will be more advisable to save your money on repairs and start planning for a new toilet replacement. You may save money in the long run with a new toilet rather than repairing an old toilet over and over again. If you are interested in a new toilet, consider purchasing a one piece toilet. 1-piece toilets eliminate the need for a tank to bowl seal and there are no internal tank screws attached to the bowl. Less internal parts means less parts than can wear and tear over time, which can lead to less money spent on repairs.

Toilet Clogs That Keep Re-Occurring

Has your toilet been an inconvenience because it needs plunging every now and then? Many old style toilets require a couple flushes sometimes for the matter to be completely flushed. Plunging the toilet is not an easy task and if this is too much hassle for you then it may be time for you to replace your old toilet. Old toilets can often times have calcium build up within the bowl of the toilet. The water orifices get clogged with calcium and do not provide the proper amount of water needed to flush properly. With heavy calcium build up in a toilet, replacing the toilet for a new one is often times the best solution. By replacing your toilet, you will be able to save your money for water bills because low flush water system toilets are now developed and selling in local home improvement stores. When buying a new toilet consider buying a toilet with an elongated bowl which may help in the flushing process.

Cracks In The Toilet Porcelain

Once you see a crack in the porcelain of the toilet, even if it just a size of a hairline, it will be advisable to replace it immediately. A hairline crack may turn in to a burst of water in the worst unexpected moment. These cracks may be the main cause of any potential water leaks from a toilet. It is best to inspect your toilet for possible cracks every time you clean it. If you spot a crack, do not wait for it to become bigger before you call a plumber for service, you will never know when it will crack more and possibly create a flood. Cracks in toilets can occur from many situations, from having something dropped on the toilet to one of the more common cracks when tightening the toilet to the flange. Tightening a toilet takes skill and experience to know and to feel when the toilet is properly and evenly tightened. Over tightening the toilet can crack on one side and be unrepairable. Also be careful with the lid to the toilet tank. It may be difficult to find a replace lid for a toilet, if at all.

Too Many Scratches In The Toilet Porcelain 

Small scratches on the porcelain of your toilet can look totally harmless, however, if it continues to multiply and become more visible in other areas, it will be harder to clean and will look very unpleasant. This is the usual case for toilets that have been used so many times through the course of many years, so we suggest to replace the old toilets with new ones to avoid further damage, scratches and possible repair bills in the future. A common life span of a toilet in a home that gets regular usage should be approx 10 years. Have a local plumbing company periodically inspect your home plumbing and toilets to ensure everything is working as it should, without problems. 

If you live in or near the Mississauga, Ontario area, call us to book a service appointment, we are a licensed - plumbing company in Mississauga who specialize in toilet installations and toilet repairs.

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